Apprentice training


Winders Electrical working in partnership with JTL and Loughborough College have been training Apprentices for over 15years.

We feel strongly about offering the new generation of electricians the opportunities we all once had. In a day and age where apprenticeships are hard to come by Winders Electrical are still offering apprenticeships to young and enthusiastic individuals who we feel have the ability to excel themselves and achieve their own personal goals in becoming an electrician.

Through in house training we can shape young individuals to achieve the standards Winders Electrical prides itself on.

As well as Apprentice Training, over the last 10 years Winders Electrical have had the opportunity of taking part in apprentice exchange programs with the ECA. We have had 5 high performing apprentices offered the position to work in European countries to experience the cultural differences as well as how other European contractors work. This is a once in a life time opportunity for Apprentices and Winders Electrical are proud to be apart of a scheme which rewards the Apprentices for the hard work and effort put in to there further education.